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 Health Care Assistance - Retirement Village Spain

The Village is no longer taking anymore residents - we will let you know when there is a new village available

Free doctors, specialists and general medical care

If you're planning on becoming a retired resident in Spain, the Spanish National Health Insurance service and edicines prescribed by health service practitioners will be free of charge. Prescriptions can be obtained from any local pharmacy.

Nearest GP and hospital

The Hospital De La Inmaculada is one of the finest hospitals in Spain. Only five years old and located just 3-kilometres from the resort, it comprises the latest equipment and specialist doctors ready to deal with all aspects of health.

Bilingual doctors

The majority of GPs and doctors at the hospital speak fluent English. However, the resort has a number of translators available 24 hours per day, as well as a telephone translation service.

GP home visits

For those people with mobility problems a local GP can be arranged to visit you at home.

Spanish Health Card

Our employees take care of all the administrative steps needed to provide you with a Spanish National Health Card. The card will be made available to you on your arrival at the resort.

Seeking advice

Any person thinking of moving to Spain currently reliant on UK benefits should take advice on health and benefit entitlements from the UK Department of Work and Pensions. Call 0191-218-7547 or visit the website:

Regular health checks

Regular health checks coupled with access to your medical history can be used to assess your general health and well-being. Health checks shouldn't be reserved for when you are feeling unwell, but carried out periodically to
ensure general health is maintained.

Conditions such as high blood pressure may not produce any obvious physical symptoms, however, early detection and subsequent treatment can help ensure that you remain healthy.

Health checks are advised on a quarterly basis but can also be provided on request.

Nutritional advice

Professional nutritional advice is an integral aspect of maintaining health and fighting off illness. A nutrient rich diet will assist in warding off ailments related to bad health and help promote vitality and longevity.

Nutritional Therapy is not only curative, but also preventative. Individuals with concerns about future health omplications perhaps linked to their genetics or diet and lifestyle will benefit tremendously from seeking expert nutritional advice.

Lifestyle coaching

Lifestyle coaching is fully optional but an excellent way for residents to deal with personal issues. A personal life coach will empower you to be happier, healthier and to achieve your life's desires and goals. The service is available in your own home or at the therapist's office.


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