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 Retirement Community Outdoor Lifestyle Activities

Community groups, clubs and activities

The Village is no longer taking anymore residents - we will let you know when there is a new village available.

At present the most popular activities are darts, quiz nights, greenhouse gardening, Spanish cookery, Spanish language classes and the volunteers club. We are also about to introduce bowling and computer based activities. We remain open to new suggestions for ways to entertain our residents.

If you wish to join or create a new group, club or activity, then simply contact the manager and register your interest. You can also become a coordinator of a group, club or activity by contacting the manager and putting forward your request.

Outdoor lifestyle activities

Ground allotment

The ground allotment is within walking distance of the resort. We strongly support organic farming and there are a number of local Spanish neighbours who would be happy to assist you in learning the necessary skills. There is water in abundance and as many meters of allotment as you can honestly manage.

Risen allotments

It can be set up at your own bungalow or at the ground allotment location. A small set up fee will apply depending on the size requested.


It is also within walking distance of the resort and is closely affiliated with the green volunteering club whose aim is to
grow trees from seeds and cuttings for local reforestation programs.


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