Spanish Retirement Community - Alemeria Spain - Apartment Prices

 The Village is no longer taking anymore residents - we will let you know when there is a new village available

Spanish Retirement Community - Almeria Spain - Bungalow Prices
(buying or renting info below)

Bungalow Prices Plot 200 sqm Plot 300 sqm Plot 400 sqm
60 sqm
( 2 bedrooms 1 or 2 baths)
€146,000 €166,000 €186,000
70 sqm
(2 or 3 bedrooms, 1 or 2 baths)
156,000 176,000 196,000
80 sqm
(2 or 3 bedrooms, 1 or 2 baths)
€166,000 €186,000 €206,000
90 sqm
(2 or 3 bedrooms, 1 or 2 baths)
176,000 196,000 216,000


Warden/concierge service 35 € per month

Price of bungalows does not include
taxes (8%) or legal fees (3%)

All prices are in Euros (€)

There may be additional costs for
specific services. Where maintenance and allotments are concerned the prices do not include materials or seedlings.

Medical alarm 45 € per month
Allotment and green house gardening 15 € per month
WIFI internet and telephone 35 € per month
Translation out of the resort 12 € per hour
Cleaner 12 € per hour
Gardener 12 € per hour
Handyman 12 € per hour
Personal shopper 12 € per hour
Nurses 15 € per hour
Health care checks 30 € per session
Nutrional advice session 60 € per session
Lifestyle coaching 15 € per hour
Telephone translations 1,45 per minute

Buying and Contracts

The purchase process is straight forward comprising six easy steps.

First step:

Select your plot and bungalow.

Second step:

Select a lawyer. At this stage we encourage you to talk to neighbours and let them be your buyers guide, there is
nothing quite like a personal referral.

Third step:

The signing of contracts and escrow reservation to your chosen lawyer's account.

Fourth step:

With the licence to build granted and a delivery date secured, make a 15 % down payment of the total cost inclusive
of tax. At this stage you are normally required to pay 50% of the legal fees but this depends on your selection of lawyer.

Fifth step:

With 50% of the bungalow built, make a second 15 % down payment of the total cost.

Sixth step:

With 100% of the bungalow build and the habitation licence secured, visit the notary to take ownership of the bungalow and pay the final balance (including tax) of the bungalow and legal fees

Renting and Contracts

While renting is available, the price of the rental depends on the bungalow size and location available at the time. Currently there is a waiting list for rental properties.

After an initial 3-month rental period we only provide further one year rental contracts.

There is a steep fine for incompletion of the yearly contract unless the matter is proven to be beyond your control.

Our strict rental rules promote long term residency and contribute to building fruitful relationships between the local community and resort residents.


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